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You can only access SpreadCV with a Google account. You can manage all of your content within a spreadsheet file that will be automatically created in Google Drive.


Manage your content

Clicking the edit file button on the panel redirects to your Drive. You can edit your CV on this Drive spreadsheet and view the changes instantly on your page.


Why people love


Use all features of SpreadCV totally free.

Striking design

Explore our modern and mobile friendly designs.

Managed easily

Edit within a single Spreadsheet in your Google Drive.

Extensive features

Such as export to PDF, data analytics etc.


You’re in cool hands

Julia Park

Thanks to SpreadCV, I was able to create a very simple resume. Now I can show my resume to everyone by just sharing the link. Highly recommended!

Matt Sparks

Although I do not understand much from the internet, I found SpreadCV very easy to use. I was able to create my resume and edit it very easily thanks to its simplicity.

Naveen Prabu

I created my entire CV in about 10 minutes. I can share it with people quite easily, which I think is a huge advantage. I really love to use SpreadCV, It's so simple and effective.


Coming soon

Data analytics

Track your page with advanced data.

Feedback system

People can leave feedback from your page.

Advanced PDF

Export your CV as PDF with more options.

More themes

There will be more theme options.

Custom domain

Connect your page and your domain easily.

Linkedin connect

Integrate with LinkedIn to complete CV.

Start for free

Build your own personalized CV page within minutes.

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